Matt Crowhurst
Marketing Consultant

Matt is our all round sport and event superstar. He’s been the European Junior Wakeboarding Champion and has always worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry. He works with us as a consultant, helping our clients implement and execute their marketing strategy, as well as managing our client’s athlete teams if and when required. A former marketing manager for Wakestock, Matt manages the Relentless athlete team and MCs events such as Boardmasters, Freeze and the Gold Coast festival. He also has a wardrobe that would make Elton John blush.

Matt looks after

– Consultancy and marketing strategy
– Athlete/Team management
– Event organisation/Presenter


– Former European Junior Wakeboarding Champion
– Former National Wakeskate Champion
– Rococo Rail Champion ’07
– Ranked top 5 in British Wakeboarding for over 10 years

Sporting passions

– Wakeboarding
– Snowboarding
– Surfing
– Skateboarding
– Freestyle Motocross
– Kitesurfing
– Wakeskating
– Wakesurfing
– Rugby

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