The Client

CEP have led the way in sport compression technology, backed by its parent company medi, who have produced high-quality medical compression for over 65 years.

First selling their sports socks in 2007, CEP is now a well known brand among athletes across all sports.

The Challenge

When CEP started producing sports socks, they quickly gained their fame within the triathlon/running industry. Since then their product offering has grown significantly, and their scientifically backed compression technology is being used in other ranges such as their tights.

CEP looked to re-position their brand and establish themselves as a full leg compression brand rather than a sock brand. They sought strategic support and approached Brandwave for a method to do so.

The Result

We ran a strategy workshop with key CEP stakeholders to evaluate and recommend their new market position and activities to undertake as a result of this change.

This initial strategy led to us developing a campaign that focused on two new products CEP had bought to the market, run tights, with medi compression technology, and a training tight.

To communicate the two different product ranges, Brandwave created a campaign which captured the feeling of wearing CEP tights. The medi compression is performance orientated and the Tight fit has a slightly more relaxed and comfortable character. The creative featured a full body shot of the product accompanied by a model portraying their individual emotions. Brandwave managed all aspects of the project, from project conception, logo design, photoshoot to asset delivery.

The final creative included a series of static and animated banners that were rolled out across digital platforms. CEP also used the creative for in-store communication tools, such as hang tags for CEP product hangers.

“Working with the Brandwave team has been a creative and strategic journey that led us to a great concept for our new category: Compression Tights. Our task to transform CEP – well-known for our awesome compression socks – into a full body compression brand was a real challenge for all of us.

But the whole process headed by Brandwave brought clarity to our new strategy and resulted in a great product campaign that focuses on one of the most important factors for our brand – the trust of our customers.

We are really proud to have created such a strong campaign and took the first step into a new era of CEP.”

Mona Stein