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Brand & Strategy

We believe that a solid brand strategy should form the foundations from which to underpin all major sports brand decisions.

We provide strategic sports marketing consultancy and advice to sports brands, athletes, teams, associations, events and governments all over the world.

Our experience and authenticity empowers us to deliver industry-leading sports brand strategy to our global clients. The Brandwave team comes from and is fully immersed in the world of sports and sports marketing. We help your brand define your purpose, articulate who you are and directly translate this into your brand communications.

Brand Consultancy

We facilitate a broad range of strategy workshops designed to really get under the skin of your brand. From defining your brand proposition and values to owning the digital landscape, each of our dynamic workshops are tailor-designed to fit your brand's strategic requirements and challenges. These workshops are as much about internal cohesion as they are strategy. As such, they provide a unique opportunity to galvanize the leadership team with a clear and actionable plan for the future.

Brand Identity

A unique, identifiable, and consistent brand identity is an integral ingredient of all iconic brands. Our creative team excel at bringing high-performance sports brands to life. Whether you simply need a refresh to your existing visual identity or you require a full rebrand, we support your brand’s development from start to finish.

Brand Guidelines

A new brand strategy is nothing without great guidelines to provide a framework for execution. Our strategic expertise really comes into its own when building brand bibles and guidelines. We develop detailed and easily understood guidelines making your brand both scalable and consistent across all marketing deliverables and territories.

Persona Profiles

People buy for their reasons, not for yours. We work collaboratively with you to really understand who your target market is by building detailed consumer personas. We seek to understand the behaviour and characteristics of these personas, allowing you to create bespoke brand messages that resonate.

Brand Positioning

From defining the white space to developing your brand’s ‘Why’, we answer the big questions around your brand to establish a clear vision and a defined mission. We help you to position your brand in a space you can take ownership of and that your audience can emotionally relate to.

Tone of Voice

We create bespoke tone of voice marketing guidelines to help define and feed into your brand content strategy. From defining the correct tonal values to building approved lexicons, we help you to express your brand’s core values accurately and consistently across all of your marketing communications.

Brand Guardianship

Consistency is key to success. The initial creative and campaign conceptualisation phase is just the beginning. We're on hand to oversee and support with the roll out of your fresh new branding, creative, or the consistent execution of 360 campaigns across key territories.

Marketing Strategy

From budgeting to measuring ROI, when it comes to marketing strategy, experience counts. Whether you want a second opinion on your current campaign plan or you need to build a global go-to-market strategy, our expert sports marketing consultants provide practical advice and guidance on all aspects of your marketing roll out.

Qualitative Research

Get to know what really makes your audience tick and what matters most to them. What are their preconceptions? Where are their barriers to purchase? Which messaging will resonate best? Through faciliated conversations, qualitative interviews and focus groups, we listen to unearth key insights that underpin and enhance great strategy, creative, and campaigns.

Audience Experience Planning

All great marketing tactics are a journey for the consumer. That journey should always be planned and mapped from start to finish. From inner city activations and product launches through to product packaging and point of sale, we break every marketing touchpoint down to deliver the brilliant basics, then elevate the audience experience with memorable moments.

Trade Marketing

Ensuring your brand’s unique proposition is communicated at every touchpoint with the customer is crucial to successful market penetration. We conceptualise and deliver extensive retail sales training for programs to ensure your in-store team fully understand your brand and can communicate consistently with the end consumer.


The Wave – Strategic Brand Consultancy

The Wave is Bristol’s inland surf destination, where people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can experience the joy of waves and their many physical and mental health benefits.

Pontetorto – Strategic Consultancy and Brand Development

As a company with a unique heritage and a modern vision, Pontetorto has been at the forefront of textile design and manufacturing since the early 1950s.

Lazer KinetiCore Global Brand Launch

Founded in 1919, Lazer are industry leaders in helmet innovation, design, protection and technology. A century of heritage and experience means their helmets are some of the most advanced, lightweight, stylish and well ventilated on the market. Lazer continually strive to forge new paths and disrupt the typical way of thinking.

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