The Client

Salomon are recognised as a global leader in producing outdoor, progressive equipment for running, hiking, and alpine adventures. As a brand they are known for challenging the rules of the outdoor industry in a playful and light-hearted manner.

They have a consistent desire to develop technologies alongside top athletes and their urge to stay true to their brand values helps in cementing their position as one of the longest-serving iconic brands within the industry.

The Challenge

The 2021 Salomon Festival was adapted from our 2019 ‘Trail Running Festival’ series, which you can read about here

Set to be larger than ever before, we were challenged with not only adapting the festival to reach new objectives, but also to breathe new life into an old format.

One of the key objectives of our brief was to convert road runners into trail runners and continue to grow the trail running community nationally. In addition, we also wanted to open up the event to the wider outdoor community and promote inclusivity & diversity, whilst focusing on these key objectives: 

The Result

Working closely with the Salomon team on all aspects of the event, we positively transformed the festival with a refreshing new format that had strong links back to its roots – ensuring the legacy was not lost. 

Keeping the festival’s key objectives close to our hearts when planning, we were able to boast not only a slightly new name (which in itself promotes increased accessibility away from just running), but the objectives were also reflected in a number of other positive changes too!


  • A beautiful new location – with key transport links making it easily accessible and more centralised for many.
  • Inclusion of a shorter timed distance of 5km – offering those who may be starting out in trail an opportunity to challenge themselves in a new environment.
  • The introduction of multi-length hikes – providing a chance for outdoor enthusiasts to see new trails, feel part of the Salomon community and offer an alternative activity for runners.
  • An enhanced talk schedule on the main stage and new concept of ‘walk & talks’ – offering a wider, more diverse selection of educational topics on; run, outdoor, gender & ethnic diversity, mental health and more.
  • The addition of partner led workshops on map reading, yoga, kit care & bushcraft, plus a larger festival presence for complementary brands – meaning that festival goers could do more than just run or hike by immersing themselves into everything related to running and the outdoors.

Overall we saw a massive increase in multi-activity participation and a decrease in ‘timed runs’ indicating that more people were taking part in more activities and our attendees were less ‘elite’. 

For us, this meant that we reached our objective in making the event more accessible and inclusive for participants from different sporting abilities and backgrounds.

Leveraging our large international network of friends and clients, we were able to introduce partner brands such as Red Bull, Compex and Jubel to further enhance the physical event experience and increase the overall reach and engagement. 

Statistics showed us that there was an average of 47.5% rise in sign ups across our main eight activities. This statistic was a great example of how we were able to “Grow the sport” and “Recruit people into outdoor categories” rather than just focusing on running based activities as in previous years.

Josie Fabian

Senior Account Manager

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“The Salomon Festival is our flagship event, and this one did not disappoint. We challenged Brandwave to create a high-end sporting festival in line with our values and brand heritage as one of the leading outdoor brands, whilst expanding the audience to include outdoor enthusiasts and hikers in addition to our established trail running following. Even with the challenges of COVID, with the help of Brandwave, we managed to succeed in creating a fantastic event.”

Dominic Edge-McKee