The Client

BMC-Switzerland are hell bent on creating premium quality bikes for all types of riders. Their bikes are used by international race teams on the road and on dirt tracks, as well as weekend warriors who understand the value of a good quality ride. The Swiss brand has its own innovation lab, and ensures their bikes, as well as the cycling industry is constantly progressing.

The Challenge

Having always sold through distributors and retailers, BMC tasked Brandwave to design and build an eCommerce ready platform. A large challenge in this was redesigning the way information about the products is displayed and how the customer navigates the website, as well as setting up a store that works in multiples languages, currencies and with multiple distribution methods.

The design had to stick to BMC’s clean & premium look, while adding personality through a user friendly, digital design.

This project proves that great successes can come from collaboration, this truly was a team effort – which has hugely paid off for all involved.

Daniel MacaulayFounder / CEO

The Result

To start the project, Brandwave carried out various strategic tasks as a foundation to build the design of the new website on. Persona profiling and research looked into the target audience and how they should be communicated with, while a UX workshop and testing ensured the site met all user centric functions.

The website designs were created to communicate product information through different styles, some editorial and some information through charts. The aim of the design was to take BMC customers on a storytelling journey, where they discover BMC’s innovation, history and products in a seamless manner.

With functionality from a bike finder tool, which takes users through a question and answer journey, an innovations section which champions product technologies, to a bike comparison tool. The BMC site is designed and built to provide the best possible customer user journey to support them in choosing the best BMC ride for them.

This was also a highly collaborative project between Brandwave, our build partner Superrb and BMC. Brandwave managed and developed the main Magento 2 build, while BMC assisted in building support modules and additional web pages. This project proves that great successes can come from collaboration. This truly was a team effort – which has hugely paid off for all involved.