The Client

Established over 60 years ago, Eleiko is one of the world’s leading strength training equipment brands. Eleiko is known for being the brand of choice when it comes to weight lifting competitions including the World Championships and the Olympic and Paralympic Games. It’s an organisation on a mission to make people stronger so they perform better in sports and in life.

Beyond strength training equipment, Eleiko’s Education Team also delivers an array of programs which include in-depth written course content and hands-on emphasis on lifting proficiency, programme development, and becoming a better coach.

The Challenge

Eleiko Education came to Brandwave to help them to launch a new B2B product, the “Eleiko Business Bundle.” The vision for this product was to help the brand enter the Health and Fitness market as a partner who understands the market’s challenges and helps to solves the top three challenges all gyms experience: member retention, member acquisition, and ancillary revenue. Aimed at various gym types, this product was made of two parts:

  • A course delivered by Eleiko Education to gym managers and personal training staff to improve the facility’s competency for strength training and programme quality.
  • Access to marketing material for use in their gyms to engage with members and the wider community, and increase participation and confidence in strength training.

The Result

We identified three parts to this project:

Research phase – To identify where the biggest opportunity geographically is for this product. We wanted to find out what gym types have a need for this product and where our audience was to pitch this product to. Using partnerships within the health and fitness market, we conducted extensive desk research on the state of the gym facilities industry and key trends geographically on where strength training was most popular. This gave Eleiko direction on where to first launch this product.

B2B asset material creation – Once we knew where the opportunity was, we needed to create sales material for this product; tools the Eleiko Sales Team could use to engage with these gym types. This also included providing the presentation template for the course itself. Using Eleiko’s brand guidelines, we create sales assets promoting this course and the presentation template for Eleiko to use to deliver the course. We also collated information about the course through various workshops with the Eleiko Education team and providing copy for the Sales deck.

B2B(2C) marketing asset creation – Once a gym was invested in the product, we needed to have the marketing materials ready for gyms to use in their facilities, aimed at engaging with members and prospective members to include strength training in their gym experience. We created various marketing material that gyms could in the future download from Eleiko to use in their gym facility. This included gym posters, gym TV screen advertisement and social media post design and copy.

Eleiko asked us to undertake a project that encompassed customer and market research, the generation of B2B and B2C marketing materials and advertising. A great deal of thought went into getting the messaging right. This strategy helped us deliver a very targeted campaign for a wonderful client.

Alastair LecomteSenior Designer

“The leadership and professionalism Brandwave brought to this project journey was incomparable. As a true partner, they began with asking all the right questions to clarify the purpose and the outcomes of the project for the Eleiko customer getting us on the most efficient path to project success. Our project leaders kept us focused and the project on a effective timeline. Truly a great experience with an end product we can all be proud of.”

Kerri O’Brien EdD, MBA, CSCS

VP Marketing, Product Development and Education