The Client

Performance Ground is a new science driven performance coaching and sports therapy facility. They provide bespoke training and nutrition programmes crafted by their industry leading team of expert coaches. The team utilises proven strength and conditioning systems and nutrition protocols.

Performance Ground focuses on delivering a completely bespoke service, incorporating sport science and state of the art equipment. They strive to provide all of their members with a premium, all round performance experience.

The Challenge

The Performance Ground team were preparing for the launch of their new facilities in Holborn, London. They wanted to develop a video to showcase how strength and conditioning training could help participants to progress within their individual sports. The purpose of their business is to make this elite training style available to recreational athletes.

As a new business, their gym was in the process of being built. They were challenged with not yet being able to film their coaches at their facilities. In a highly competitive boutique studio market they also needed the video to stand out for promotional activities in the autumn ready for their opening in the New Year. The production timeline for the video was also short.

The Result

The Performance Ground team selected Brandwave to undertake this project. We developed a storyboard for the production and then identified the best facilities to profile their athletes. We needed to work in a venue where we could portray our protagonists completing both strength and conditioning training as well as their individual sports.

Using athletes from both a rugby and volleyball background we filmed them in action and also completing bespoke strength and conditioning exercises. The purpose was to show viewers how this style of training would improve their individual sporting ability. The video is now being used to promote their facilities in readiness for their early 2017 opening.

Performance Ground Launch Video

“Working with Brandwave has been fantastic. They fully understood our concept and objectives and delivered the video in a very short period of time whilst also sticking to our budget.

Our video has been a real success and we have received fantastic feedback.”

Ionna Karelia


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