The Client

Founded in 1979 in downtown San Francisco, engineer Noel Lee established the Monster brand and convinced the music industry that the quality of audio cables make a significant difference to sound quality. Since then, Monster has been leading the way with innovation in Headphones, Speakers, HDMI Cables and Power Solutions for nearly four decades. Monster is a brand founded on creativity, progression and a pure passion for music.

The Challenge

Monster approached Brandwave to create a video showcasing the impact music has on the motivation to train. Supporting Monster’s ‘Because The Music Matters’ message, the video would emphasise a higher state of consciousness created when music is integrated within a workout. It also had to communicate the idea that the iSport headphones are designed to fuel ambition, drive, and determination.

To promote the iSport wireless range, the product video needed to express the headphones’ unique benefits in an original format.

Monster iSport Headphones

The Result

To communicate the motivating power of music and the headphones, we brought the ‘muted vs. motivated’ concept to life. We established a juxtaposition between the monotony of sport without music and the heightened intensity that music brings. We achieved this through the introduction of sound, a change of pace, and a contrast between black and white to colour.

Using an ARRI Alexa Mini and shooting at 60fps, we captured the Monster iSport wireless range worn by three athletes across a number of sports including, running, boxing, weight lifting, and spinning.

The 90 second edit is to be rolled out globally across various social channels.

“Working with Brandwave is so refreshing; they support and give valuable advice throughout the whole process. From the planning stage to execution, they ensure that everyone is working towards the same end product.

As well as being highly professional, they are also a great bunch of people to work with.”

Vicky White