The Client

Reebok is a global fitness brand with a clear mission: to be the best fitness brand in the world. They believe that fitness has the power to change lives and they are committed to helping people become their absolute best. This belief is symobolised in their logo; the Reebok Delta. The three sides each of which represent the physical, mental and social changes an individual goes through when they challenge themselves to become a better person. Reebok are on a journey to inspire you to ‘ Be More Human’.

The Challenge

The Reebok Ragnar White Cliffs is an endurance running relay event like no other that sees teams of 5 or 10 runners take on over 170 miles of a mainly coastal route between Maidstone & Brighton, UK.

As global title sponsor of the event, and the second one of it’s kind in the UK, Reebok wanted to amplify their partnership and provide the 1200 runners with a series of activation areas over the event to enrich their whole experience. Brandwave were tasked with the challenge to create, develop and deliver a concept in favour of longevity that Reebok could replicate across future events.

The Result

After establishing the underpinning key insights into our audience and their mind set at the different stages of Ragnar, we created the concept of ‘ The Reebok Recon’. A collective name for a series of activations that is used to reflect the Reebok brand and their Delta logo. To bring the concept to life, a unique ID representative of reverberating lines was designed and applied across deliverables. This helped to generate consistency and express the energy of Reebok at the event.

Inline with the concept mechanic and the elements of becoming a better athlete represented by the Delta, three key activation areas were developed:

The Runway

The Ragnar Leg

The Ragnarian Area

The Runway

For the halfway mark, The Runway was designed to lift physical energy levels, celebrate the miles covered so far and launch runners into the night.

A series of illuminated arches created the major structure, and a light show acted as a beacon for runners as they approached out of the darkness. DJ’s over the night provided an infectious soundtrack to inject enjoyment into the night and to enhance the overall experience. This was a real stop and share moment and encouraged amplification on social media. Integrated as part of the course and a major exchange, all 114 teams and every runner had the opportunity to engage.

The Ragnar Leg

Renowned as the most difficult part of the route, we wanted to raise the spirits of the runners taking on this challenge. To encourage runners mentally, we developed a series of creative and motivational signage placed along the Seven Sisters and the Cuckmere Valley. This was a great opportunity to convey the personality behind the Reebok brand.

The Ragnarian Area

To celebrate completing running over 170 miles, we created a social super-size photo booth area for the teams to come together, bask in the glory of finishing and celebrate their achievements.

To additionally enhance the experience, Ragnar essential items were created to further maximise Reebok’s presence and build positive brand association. Despite the unfavourable conditions, this did not dampen runner spirits and we loved being a part of Ragnar on behalf of Reebok.

“Working with Brandwave who have a genuine understanding of running and runners meant this didn’t feel like an agency partnership, but an extended part of our team.”

Ellie Carter-Silk

Reebok UK Marketing Manager