The Client

Salomon has been a strong player in the outdoor industry since 1947. They are committed to expanding the limits of possibility and delivering excellent craftsmanship and innovation in all that they do. Their genuine passion for outdoor sports drives them to create progressive, innovative gear, which allows people to fully enjoy and challenge themselves in the outdoors.

The Challenge

With so much digital noise and limited opportunities for cut through in the digital landscape Salomon wanted to take a different approach to their marketing for the OUTline GTX shoe. The team sought to build a new audience interested in a variety of sports, all connected through a genuine love for the outdoors. The team were considering on and offline activities to create and connect with an entirely new audience group. They approached us to help them to create a new experiential and digital marketing campaign.

The Result

We developed an online campaign to ask a new audience to join us for an adventure weekend. With little information available we simply asked those targeted about their availability and what sports they enjoyed participating in. This short recruitment campaign enabled us to begin to build a new digital audience for Salomon. We next developed a weekend itinerary full of a variety of sports that our audience was interested in. We kept the details of the weekend a secret so as to help everyone enter into the spirit of adventure.

We transported a select group of eight winners from every corner of the country to Wales for our adventure weekend. We kitted up the participants with the latest pair of OUTline GTX shoes and asked them to test them in a series of activities which included walking, running, pack rafting and abseiling. We asked all of those involved to document their adventures over Instagram to support user-generated content over the weekend.

Following our weekend adventure, we created a series of adverts and videos which were launched on Facebook and Instagram to raise brand awareness with this new audience as well as drive consideration to purchase. Due to its success, we are now planning a series of additional OUTline weekend adventures in 2019.

“Brandwave developed a digital and activation campaign which inspired a new audience to get out and experience an adventure with us. Their enthusiasm and creativity is always a breath of fresh air and we’re running more events like this together in 2019 so watch this space.”

Dan Armstrong

Influencer Marketing Management Executive, Amer Sports UK.