The Client

Founded over 50 years ago, SCOTT Sports are now firmly established as a leading brand with an unmatched reach across the bike, wintersports, running and motosports markets.

Driven by a passion of combining technology and design, SCOTT Sports create high performance equipment that embodies the brand’s #NOSHORTCUTS ethos. A message that defines the SCOTT Sports approach, a lifestyle and every product they create.

The Challenge

SCOTT Sports approached Brandwave for creative and strategic support ahead of launching their new Cadence and Centric helmets at EuroBike 2016. The brief was to establish a strong product category campaign message that resonated with the audience and formed an emotional bond.

For consistency across all SCOTT Sports communications, the chosen creative direction and message was to visually and strategically compliment the overarching brand message of #NOSHORTCUTS.

It was essential that the campaign increased product knowledge, stimulated conversation around the helmet category and engaged the audience online and in-store.

The Result

Drawing influence directly from the real race knowledge that helped create the Cadence and Centric as well as personal Brandwave team experience, a campaign message of “Get Your Head In The Game” was created. A key campaign message designed to resonate with riders on a personal level. It is a message underpinned by a pro-active call to action. Designed to work on a physical and psychological level, inviting the audience to associate with both the SCOTT Sports brand and helmet category.

Once the message was established, campaign body copy was developed and full campaign guidelines were created. A supporting strategic messaging document and roll–out plan was supplied in addition to ensure campaign consistency and longevity. #WHATSAHEAD was also integrated into the communications plan to engage and further drive social channel conversation.

Applied to a range of video, POS, online and print materials, the full campaign was launched yesterday.

Single page A4 Ad for the Centric helmet with Nino Schurter

Single page A4 Ad for the Cadence helmet with Simon Gerrans

“During the creative process of finding innovative and powerful means to communicate class leading and highly technical helmets, we were seeking external support to broaden the horizon of what and how we should communicate – opening new doors and leading us to think in new ways.

Brandwave brought a wealth of experience and fresh ideas to the table that led to the development of an impactful message for this campaign. We learnt that the true benefit of a campaign does not originate from features or technologies of a helmet, but rather what the product allows you to achieve – it was exactly this that Brandwave was able to identify and put to paper in a strong campaign message. The tagline “Get Your Head In The Game” that Brandwave developed perfectly fits both to our deeply engrained racing heritage as well as to the helmet category that this campaign is aimed to push to new heights.

The next steps of the campaign will include the duplication of the messaging to our various communication tools in order to reach the end consumers – and in 2017 the message will be used across the different divisions at SCOTT to maximize the impact on the helmet market.”

Shaun Baumberger