The Client

In need of no introduction, it’s fair to say that the cycling world would not be where it is without SHIMANO.

As a global producer of bike components, soft goods and accessories, if you’ve ever ridden a bike, the chances are high that SHIMANO has helped you to turn the wheels.

With a rich legacy spanning road and mountain biking, they’re the only e-bike system maker that truly understands all aspects of cycling.

The Challenge

We were tasked with leveraging the ‘Explore New Grounds’ mantra to promote SHIMANO’s continuing foray into the e-bike market. We needed to establish a campaign identity that created a visual ecosystem that allowed SHIMANO to market new and updated products from within their EP series, both now, and long into the future.

In addition, we needed to define and create the following project pieces:

  • Formalise the creative and supporting messaging surrounding the existing ‘Explore New Grounds’ tagline
  • Develop supporting campaign guidelines to establish key visual and messaging principles
  • Create an all-encompassing rollout plan for pre, during and post-launch
  • Produce a bespoke launch package to allow SHIMANO to communicate their rollout consistently across all marketing touchpoints
  • Storyboard and delivery of accompanying photo and video shoots
  • Article copywriting
  • Design of POS / exhibition and merchandise deliverables
  • Create a competition mechanic for the ‘Explore New Grounds’ Winners Trip Activation

The Result

This campaign needed to establish the foundations to take SHIMANO’s EP Series to the next level. Building on the ‘Explore New Grounds’ statement, we created a striking visual language that had the flexibility to be applied across all assets. We then undertook our longest-ever shoot, which took in the sights of southwestern France, the Pyrenees and northern Spain. These locations were strategically chosen to provide the ultimate varied backdrop and terrain to visually enhance our creative and messaging. The shoot lasted nine days, capturing both still and video footage that allowed us to bring the concept to life.

Throughout the project we delivered the following:

  • A new campaign lockup
  • Supporting guidelines and messaging framework
  • Multi-location photo and video shoot in collaboration with CreatUR
  • Seven hero and product videos, including storyboarding, creative direction and post-production
  • Written commercial copy and launch articles
  • Competition marketing assets for the Winners Trip Activation
  • Sales kit and retailer materials
  • Extensive print ad templates
  • Artwork for merchandise, exhibition graphics and social campaign

“This was the longest and most complex shoot that we had ever undertaken and bringing together the right team was imperative. Maintaining the balance between capturing both still and video content was hugely important as was keeping a tight creative direction. During the hottest summer on record, we managed to create some incredible content. From the moment we got together, the crew just clicked.

Chris, our main rider and Clément did an amazing job in challenging conditions. Thanks to the talented CreatUR guys who ran the shoot and Jeroen and Bastian from SHIMANO for their valuable input and expertise. Last by no means least, our photographer Nathan, who is one of those amazingly talented people, that make it look easy.”

Alastair LecomteBrandwave - Creative Director

“We wanted to have a category approach that could be used throughout the next 3 years to engage with our e-MTB target group. Having already had good experiences with the expertise of Brandwave Marketing, we asked them to take the concept of ‘Explore New Grounds’ to the next level and come up with a plan for the first product range that would use this renewed concept. The result was a strong e-MTB communication platform with a fresh visual identity, enough depth to get creative on in the upcoming years and a range of impactful assets like videos, advertisements and POS material.”

Jeroen van VulpenCategory Marketing Manager MTB