The Client

Shimano are undoubtedly the leading and largest brand of cycling components in the world. If you’ve ever ridden a bicycle, the chances are very high that Shimano have helped the wheels turn in one way or another. Founded in 1921, they are renowned for innovation and have played a dominant role in developing the global cycling industry into what it is today.

The Challenge

Shimano approached us to create a new global creative campaign to work across all print and digital platforms. The brief was to clearly and simply communicate how all Shimano products were designed to work not just in isolation but also together in perfect harmony. Key aspects to communicate included how shoes and pedals were designed to work perfectly in-sync to increase pedal power, how hydrophobic eyewear was designed to maintain clear vision for the rider in any conditions, and how ergonomic backpacks were designed to fit the riders position and carry all their equipment safely.

The Result

In response to the brief, we developed the ‘Made for Each Other’ campaign. This unique creative provided a diverse and versatile platform on which Shimano could promote their products. The ‘Made For Each Other’ tag-line was designed to work on multiple levels from the physical to the emotional and communicate the brand message in a fun and original way

“We were so happy with the ‘Made for Each Other’ campaign that we decided to roll it out across all Shimano product categories. Brandwave more than hit the brief on this one! Well done guys.”

Martin Ilg


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