The Client

Megan Brickwood and Steph Orton (also known as ‘Team Integra’), compete in the 49erFX – otherwise known as the ‘Formula 1’ boat of sailing. They are also members of the British Sailing Team – the world’s most successful sailing team and one of the most successful Olympic sports in the UK.

They are now campaigning towards the Paris 2024 Olympic Games with the goal of bringing home a medal and reaching the pinnacle of their sport.

The Challenge

We were first approached by Meg & Steph due to a crossover of shared beliefs. We’re both hugely passionate about the true power of sport as a catalyst for positive change.

Since then, we’ve been providing them with pro bono marketing and strategic support to assist with their ambitions of achieving a spot on the podium at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The slate was blank and the challenge was clear – we needed to create a platform for Meg & Steph to engage with fans and prospective sponsors, share their story and ultimately elevate their profile in the lead up to the next Olympic Games.

The Result

We began with a series of strategic workshops to investigate what other famous duos, teams and professional athletes were doing well in this space. Through collaboration with Meg & Steph, we were also able to identify their goals, target audience and unique value proposition.

This strategic work culminated in the creation of ‘Team Integra’. By developing a visual identity and supporting guidelines, we helped Meg & Steph to establish a stronger and more cohesive brand, aimed at increasing their appeal to fans and potential sponsors.

Another key to success was to increase their online visibility and presence. By creating a website, we have provided a central hub for team information to be stored. This will also attract new fans and followers, and above all, prospective partners and sponsorship opportunities to further support them in their journey to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

“Working with Brandwave has been so much fun and so interesting to take a closer look into what, who and why we are who we are. The whole team are so friendly and welcoming, but also and probably most importantly, put so much effort into understanding our brand and what we want from it. It was also great to work with such enthusiastic people, getting involved with pretty much any challenge; super inspiring. I couldn’t recommend them enough to anyone and my only regret is not approaching them sooner!”

Megan BrickwoodTEAM INTEGRA

"Having not had much experience in the marketing world, we had no idea where to start with our brand. From day one Brandwave guided us with many areas broken down into workshops to keep us on track. They really got to know us as people and how our team worked. To work with such a friendly and like-minded group was an honour and really helped us engage with how we can best market ourselves and expand our brand."