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Top 7 Olympic Video Campaigns

By 17/08/2016July 17th, 2018No Comments

With the 2012 London Olympic games still tangible in our memories, expectations of this year’s creative content were high. Still, some of the UK’s biggest brands certainly haven’t disappointed. The 2016 Olympic Games digital campaigns are arguably the most stylish, meaningful and inclusive videos that have ever lit up our screens.

The relaxation of media rules have allowed non-sponsors of the Games to run Olympic-themed campaigns for the first time. This means ever more brands have optimised this so-called “licensed ambush marketing” and tapped into the Olympics as a marketing platform. They have subsequently created some fantastic video campaigns that are everything from emotionally compelling to downright silly.

Our Account Executive, Dulcie Davies has selected her top 7 video campaigns for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

7. Under Armour: “Rule Yourself”

Michael Phelps stars in Under Armour’s production of “Rule Yourself” with the strapline, “It’s what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light.” With 21 medals and counting, Michael Phelps does not need the ego boost or additional publicity, but Under Armour manages to capture the essence of Phelps as a dedicated champion athlete – doing wonders for his questionable public image as a role model.

6. Samsung: “School of Rio”

What started as the “School of Rugby” with the England Rugby team, Samsung and Jack Whitehall are back with their next instalment, the “School of Rio”. Covering topics including stamina, resilience, and protection, Whitehall gives the Games a light-hearted feel with paradoxical humour.

5. BBC: “The Greatest Show on Earth”

A popular marketing trend this year, animation is one of the most accessible visual marketing tools out there and the BBC have done it so right. With an energetic soundtrack and personified, or rather athletified, characters of the animal kingdom, this video creates a powerful sense of the global magnitude and excitement of the Games.

4. Channel 4: “Meet the Superhumans”

Off the back of their award winning 2012 Paralympic campaign, Channel 4 has created yet another inspirational video challenging perceptions of disability. Unlike the 2012 campaign, this year’s sequel features members of the public, encouraging viewers to question their prejudices and to celebrate the feats of people with disabilities, not just the Paralympic athletes.

3. Visa: “The Heart”

In a really thought provoking production, Visa uses a juxtaposition of images of an actual beating heart and an athlete’s journey to reach the Olympics, to symbolise the consistency and performance of Visa. The open-ended visuals and punchy soundtrack keep the viewer glued to the screen looking for answers.

2. Virgin Media: “The Bolt”

Virgin Media compares its rapid broadband connection to Bolt’s running speed, which is pretty darn fast. This is not another comedic Usain Bolt advertisement similar to those we have previously seen released by the mega-brand. In this breakthrough video, we gather multiple perspectives of the life of this legendary athlete in an energetic, heart-warming, and dynamic production.

1. Gillette: “Perfect Isn’t Pretty”

A powerful soundtrack (Sia, Unstoppable Mix) complements the emotionally charged and cinematic imagery to capture the internal struggles of four feature athletes in their journey towards the 2016 Olympic Games. Gillette has developed its long-established strapline to include, “The best a man can get isn’t always pretty, but it’s worth the chase.” The final production successfully creates intense feelings of resilience, accomplishment, and pride, getting in sync with the emotion of the Olympic Games.