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Pre-theatre sashimi, an overly energetic Patagonian dog and tales of adventure – Brandwave do The Banff Mountain Film Festival.

Last night, the whole of the Brandwave crew descended en-masse to Southsea to check out the Banff Mountain Film Festival as it passed through our neck of the woods down here on the South Coast.

After swinging by a little place for what can only be described as the best sushi in Southsea (granted, there’s not too much stiff competition, but still), we popped over the road to The Kings Theatre just in time to catch the intros.

Self-proclaimed as the world’s most prestigious mountain film festival, we took to the stands with pretty high expectations! Well, it certainly didn’t disappoint, as the short edits kept rolling in. Over the next three hours, around half a dozen edits were shown covering desert adventure, exploration across the four corners of the globe, insane rock climbing, big mountain skiing, precision paragliding and one very energetic and exuberant Patagonian dog.

If I was forced to choose from all of the cinematic goodness, Sufferfest 2 had to be my favourite. With MacAskill’s The Ridge coming close second, followed by Afterglow. Must admit, judging by the somewhat clichéd name, I was a little dubious during the opening scenes. However, this tale of two happy-go-lucky climbers from Colorado journeying through 750 miles of the U.S. desert on bikes had the whole theatre both captivated and in stitches. You can check out the trailer via the hyperlink.

If you haven’t already it’s well worth paying a visit when the festival rolls into a city near you. Here’s just a few more of the edits we saw last night that are already available online, enjoy!

Oliver Robinson