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Brandwave’s Account Director Natasha puts Lifeventure’s Packable Backpack to the test on Scotland’s West Highland Way.

This year, I decided to take on the 94 mile, long distance walk that travels from Milngavie (near Glasgow) up to Fort William. We’d planned to complete the walk in six days, climbing Ben Nevis on the seventh day.

To take on this trip, we needed to pack smart. We wanted to complete the walk self-sufficiently, carrying all our belongings with us throughout the journey. This included sleeping equipment, cooking equipment, enough clothes for the duration of the trip including waterproofs and most importantly, snacks.

I also wanted to take an additional bag, for when we’d finished walking for the day and could leave our big backpacks at camp, and go into the nearest village/town to enjoy a well-earned pub dinner. This is where I put Lifeventure’s Packable Backpack to the test.

The Review

1. It’s in the name, the bag was extremely ‘packable’

Those familiar with the West Highland Way will appreciate that after 16 miles of walking, once you’ve got to your bunkhouse for the night, with sore shoulders and bruised hip bones you can’t get rid of your large backpack quick enough! With my primary bag extremely tight for space, the Lifeventure Packable Backpack was the perfect compact solution to taking an additional bag for evenings and our day trip to Ben Nevis.

2. Super comfy shoulder straps

As this bag is all about being able to pack down tightly and save space, I wasn’t expecting too much from the shoulder straps. However, I was pleasantly surprised. They were comfortable and supportive. They are made from 3D Air Mesh which gave you some real cushioning, but what impressed me the most was the shape of the straps. They fit to your body well and keep the bag close to your back. This was most notable on the climb up Ben Nevis.

3. Zipped Compartments and useful pockets

Again, this was an area I thought might have been compromised in order to be super compact and packable. However, the bag has a handy front zipped pocket, great for easy access to your wallet, gloves, or trek snacks. The second zipped compartment gives you access to the main part of the bag. Finally, there is also a side pocket on the bag, ideal for a drinks bottle. It’s made with a stretchy material, accommodating any size bottle or food.

4. Great for exploring towns or mountains

This bag was perfect for exploring local towns, but equally capable of a day trip up a mountain. Considering it’s a compact, packable backpack, it had enough room for all the essentials you need when taking on a Munro; waterproofs, a dry bag of emergency layers, down jacket, first aid kit, water bottle, trek snacks etc.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was thrilled with this bag. It was compact enough to fit into my primary backpack, it did not compromise on comfort, handy compartments or space, and it was versatile, perfect as a day bag or more substantial mountain trips. Lifeventure’s Packable Backpack will certainly be on the kit list for my next adventure.

Natasha Clarke