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Brandwave Brand Test: Métier Beacon

Lighting up the lanes: Account Director Ollie gives the Métier Beacon a run for its money on one of his night rides.

After what has seemed to be the endless Winter, the clocks have finally sprung forward meaning one thing; after work KM’s on the bike are back.

During one of the first evening rides of the year last week, I decided to wear my go-to jacket of the season so far, the Métier Beacon.

Based in my homeland of rural Leicestershire, you’ll find Métier HQ. They’re a young brand that has fused style, performance and more importantly, visibility thanks to some savvy integrated LED lighting tech.

For any cyclist, visibility and safety is always at the forefront of mind, but you don’t necessarily want to resemble a highlighter pen. For Métier it all comes down to being seen, without compromising style.

The premium look and tailored jacket is matched with the right material technology to keep the wind off and also dry if the rain starts to fall. This means the Beacon is at the higher price of the spectrum but it certainly packs a punch for the money.

A race fit did also mean I had to size up and the rear pockets are quite snug on the back but there’s still enough room for all the ride essentials. More importantly, the control unit is easily reachable to change between lighting modes on a ride and removable when you need give it a wash (a little bottle of cleaner came included which is another thumbs up).

Having seen many products attempt to marry up integrated lighting, practicality and design before, I’ve always been a bit uncertain of wearable tech, opting for a decent set of lights to keep me illuminated. However until I’d actually worn, washed and ridden in the Beacon, for me the biggest bonus that I hadn’t expected, was the confidence boost* it gives you riding by having that extra lighting up at shoulder height and above the saddle.

If you want to check out some more of the geeky tech specs, products and more on the brand head on over to

Enjoy the spring riding all.

*not to be confused with invincible.

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Oliver Robinson