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Brandwave Vs Brandwave

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Heat is mounting and friendships are tested as we build up to the inter-Brandwave competition of the year!

Most the staff who work at Brandwave are employed on a basis that they are knowledgable, interested and practice a field of sport, so it is only natural that they exercise their competitive prowess against one another in combat on a regular basis.  Since moving offices to Chichester, Brandwave have competed in several local sports events in addition to sparring internally at any given opportunity.

Rivalry in motion

For the second year, Brandwave has entered the Chichester Triathlon coming up in July. The event is segregated into split teams, each discipline assigned to an individual on each team (4 opposing teams of 3 individual competitors). Names were drawn out of a hat one morning at Brandwave HQ and the competing teams were called out as follows:

Team Vote Pedro

Julia Toms (swim)
Oliver Robinson (bike)
Paul Cox (run)

Team Sex Panther

Sam Freeman (swim)
Hector Caldwell (bike)
Dee Caldwell (run)

Team Hot Rod

Emile Kott (swim)
Evian Davies (bike)
Emma Cox (run)

Team Whisky

Vicky Stickand (swim)
Olivia Bolesworth (bike)
Matt Ankers (run)

Training has been heating up over the past few weeks with focus naturally on swimming, cycling and running. Aside from gym going and strava abusing… these athletes have also been fairly creative with their cardio preparations and fitness plans:

We are also delighted to be kitted out by mighty Pearl Izumi… we will certainly look and feel the part in their supersonic technical gear:

The tension in the office builds by the week as fighting talk, secret training and mind games mount by the day. Who were once civil colleagues, good friends and partners – are now no more than mortal enemies and bitter rivals. Pool tumbling, treadmill turning and bikes burning… all battling for victory in the race of their lives. 

Whisky, Hot Rod, Sex Panther and Vote Pedro… bring on the competition and let the games begin!

Fighting Talk

Oliver Robinson

“Pretty confident and have put the training in… our tactics have been kept in the locker as the event draws near, I recon allot of my colleagues at Brandwave will learn allot after seeing how we do on the day… watch this space and be amazed”

Matt Ankers

Honestly as I team, myself and the ladies, I think we are going to win. With vicky’s strong swim start, Olivia taking on the bike… it just leaves me to bring it home and place the cherry on the cake.

Vicky Stickland

“Will be whiskey powered, bringing gold home and leaving the others battling for silver against my wake!

Evian Davies

“To be honest, we are probably gonna win… A.K.A blow them out the water, take em on the heals… eat my dust!

Emma Cox