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The Brandwave Team had another great time at Eurobike 2017. At an event where every brand is trying to stand out, we picked out some of the top trends and news which really struck us…

1) Ortlieb celebrate their heritage

Ortlieb paid tribute to their heritage by showcasing their original waterproof product range on a vintage bike.

Ortlieb have led the way in waterproof products since 1982. With more brands launching competing waterproof bags, we loved Ortlieb making a statement, and reminding us who’s the boss of wet weather gear.

As well as celebrating their roots, Ortlieb moved the conversation forward by launching a sleek new product line combining style and practicality that would suit the millennial urbanite pedalling around their metropolis.

2) Oakley launch new apparel and helmet range

Road cycling and Oakley sunglasses go hand in hand, so we loved seeing Oakley’s new product range.

The brand has launched three types of Aro helmets containing MIPS technology and cycle lycras ensuring the Oakley aficionado can complete their look.

In a nod to their most popular product, and with a clear understanding of their target market the helmets have been designed with space to slide your Oakley sunnies in to. Very nice.

3) Continental enter the e-bike market with a bang

The world’s first 48V Revolution engine with integrated, continuously variable automatic transmission; the new Continental e-bikes certainly caused a stir at this years event.

In response to this big news, their stand was heaving with intrigued industry professionals wanting to have a look.

Their bike range includes city bikes, mountain bikes and even a €75,000 Bugatti collaboration bike…if that’s what you’re into.

4) All hail the new Shimano Ultegra Di2 R8070

Dark, sleek and sexy is how we like our group sets, and Shimano has fulfilled all our fantasies.

The new Ultegra Di2 incorporates Synchro Shifting into a very versatile group set. Allowing you all manner of chainring combinations.

It was great to see it at the show, now we just need to get our hands on a test version. Keep an eye out for a Brandwave Brand Test!

5) POC Helmets challenge MIPS with ‘SPIN’

We love Eurobike for the innovation we see year on year. This year was no exception with POC Helmets introducing ‘SPIN’ shock absorption technology to replace MIPS - the industry standard material.

SPIN technology has been tested in the same Swedish test lab where MIPS was first developed, and POC claim it gives better protection against the effects of oblique or rotational impacts, which can cause brain injury.

Will SPIN Technology be the new industry standard in the future? We’ll be keeping an eye on POC to find out.

6) Gore re-brand and simplify their range

You might not have seen it, but Gore have done a very subtle but nice re-branding of their logo. We picked up on it, did you?

Gore are also simplifying their product range to combine running and cycling into one category. It’s a bold move, but they have a bold ambassador to lead the way. Cycling legend Fabian Cancellara will feature in their new product range, giving them great credibility with the cycling community.

Also on display at Eurobike was the Shake Dry technology – showcasing a material that ensures water drops run off like water off a duck’s back. Now cyclist and runners can head out in even more extreme wet weather conditions.

The new Gore website will be launching soon.

7) Garmin make tech look easy

Garmin blew us away with the new Garmin Edge 1030. If we ran through all the new features and updates we’d be here all day but Bluetooth Smart sensor support, FirstBeat Training load metrics and Rider to Rider messaging are to name but a few. This incredible device is so packed full of features it’s almost magic.

Garmin have also dramatically improved their Vector power pedals with their new plug and ride technology. Gone are the days of calibrating and faffing around to ensure accurate device communication. Now, you just attach the Garmin Vector 3 pedals and they communicate directly with the Garmin technology.

8) Abus release a smart-lock to outsmart the thieves

Global security provider Abus, have released an alarmed bike lock that communicates with your phone.

This clever device alerts you via your mobile when your bike is knocked or moved, and sends an alarm if the lock or bike is being tampered with.

A VERY loud alarm on the lock itself will also frighten the would-be-thief into a catatonic state, and of course draw attention from those around.

9) Scott wins our ’Best Campaign’ at Eurobike prize*

Scott’s ‘Zero Loss’ campaign is our favourite from Eurobike 2017.

We loved that Scott completely integrated their brand ethos in the campaign- ‘No Shortcuts’.

As well as great creative, the Zero Loss range is also a stunning product collection. Beautifully presented to catch the eye through aesthetics and performance benefits.

Disclaimer - there is no prize.

10) Crossover bikes are on trend

Crossover and hybrid bikes are very much on trend, and Kalkhoff are making sure they stay ahead of the pack.

Their Berleen bike is a great ebike for commuting in the city, but when you clock out on a Friday Kalkhoff ensures you are ready to ditch the tarmac for something little more rugged.

We are certain more and more crossover bikes are going to be entering the market, as millenials are swapping their weekend city breaks for weekend adventure seeking.

11) Sex doesn’t sell

This list isn’t in any particular order, but we still wanted to put Clamber last.

This distasteful advert was placed above the men's urinals at the show and just plain confused and insulted us.

Is a cargo bike supposed to be sexy? Or have we been missing a trick this whole time by not bringing them to our glamourous beach parties? Either way, ads like this are best left where they belong…in the history books. Shame on you Clamber.

The bike industry is going through a significant shift with the popularity of eBikes. It is going to be interesting to see how this will affect not only the bike manufacturing industry, but also the accessories and lifestyle industry. We are keeping our finger on the pulse to make sure the eBike shift doesn’t accelerate without us.

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Ali Hammer