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Brandwave Founder, Dan Macaulay reflects on an evening to remember…

For the past 19 years, ISPO Munich has always been the highlight of our tradeshow calendar. As the world’s largest multi-segment sports trade show, it’s also ground zero for everything from action sports and fitness to outdoor and wearable tech.

For me it’s about the thought leadership, the new products, the awards and the client meetings, but it’s also about the fun, the buzz and the people you meet. It’s about catching up with inspirational friends and making new ones over shared passions at the now infamous ISPO parties. At Brandwave, we’ve always enjoyed dreaming up and delivering new VIP ISPO related events, including our annual Brandwave Ski Days in Garmisch and our Brandwave Pizza parties in Munich.

Next is a line that now dictates our lives, but here goes – ‘due to COVID and the resulting global travel restrictions’, ISPO went fully digital for 2021 and we followed suit. The result was our first fully digital Brandwave BeerFest.

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the evening last night – it was the most bonkers and fun night I’ve had in ages!”

Justine Baynes
Marketing Director – British Triathlon



“What you guys are doing is really amazing. You’ve taken this Zoom thing, mastered it, shaken it up, made it your own and you’re connecting people in a time when communication is difficult.”


Harry Mitchell-Thompson
Editor in Chief – Boardsport Source


In order to deliver the event, we partnered up with three iconic brands – Red Bull, who need no introduction in the sports world and are in my opinion, one of the greatest brands in the industry to collaborate with when it comes to delivering ambitious new concepts. BrewDog, who are one of the fastest growing companies in the UK and have completely redefined what it means to be a beer brand. Finally, FoamLife; a disruptive new flip flop brand that I helped to conceptualise with two of my good friends and co-founders, launching in Spring 2021.

Red Bull and BrewDog set a new standard for digital event prep ahead of the evening by posting all attendees a special box of Red Bull cocktail ingredients and the full BrewDog ‘Beer School’ selection of beers.

“Thank you so much for inviting me and hosting an epic evening….. amazing drinks, legendary hosts, fab beer tasting, so many laughs.”


Amy Smith
Regional Marketing Director – Les Mills



“Thanks so much for your great night of entertainment last Thursday. It was a hoot! Having spent 3 seasons snowboarding in my younger years and countless trips since, there couldn’t have been better hosts than Tim and Gendle running the show.”



Joe Weitz
Partnerships Manager – Strava


On the night, we were joined by 75 sports industry brands from all across Europe and the USA. Our hosts were the legendary Tim & Gendle, who led us through their iconic quiz night and Famous First Words singing game, which was judged by action sports star, Matt Crowhurst.

Our hosts were regularly interrupted by Paddy, from BrewDog and Dylan, from Red Bull who took us on a whirlwind tour of their beer and cocktail selection. To finish, we entered breakout rooms for some late-night catch ups and that all important networking opportunity with industry experts.

There’s always a risk when you accept ‘that’ evening Zoom invite (especially over lockdown when many are ‘Zoomed Out’) that you may well be signing yourself up to hear all about the latest ingredient to consider adding to your next banana bread. Not this time. The attendance was incredible, the atmosphere electric and most of all; the voices on show throughout the Famous First Words singing game were something to remember. All in all; a great night, with a fantastic group of people. Here’s to the next one!


“I, as I’m sure many (even yourselves) didn’t really know what to expect by joining another Zoom social event, particularly as 2020 has made everyone more accustomed to the zoom ‘Pub Quiz’ / party / etc / etc…. Last night was absolutely brilliant and for me, the bar has now been set – just the right balance of activity and a total bag of laughs from beginning to end.”


Clayton Herbert
Digital Activation Manager – Technogym



“Extending a huge thank you to you for organising and delivering an excellent evening. Without question the best ‘conference call’ I’ve been on.”



Alex Rafferty
Global Marketing Manager





“You guys managed to engage with such a wide audience and really make it fun, interacting and exciting. Digital can really transcend boundaries if done well and you guys absolutely nailed it.”


Sarina Pietrosanti
E-Marketing & Retail Marketing (UK & North Europe)




Daniel Macaulay