The Client

Since its foundation in 1972 and the launch of its first competition swimwear, arena Water Instinct has been known for its ongoing development of swim wear that constantly pushes the industry forwards. With values rooted in authenticity, arena works closely with athletes and champions to provide them with the best products and technology to allow them to play and win. A company with a genuine entrepreneurial spirit, they encourage everyone to challenge themselves each day, both in business and in sport.

The Challenge

With their aligned values and entrepreneurial spirit, arena and Brandwave were perfect partners. arena challenged Brandwave to bring their new triathlon apparel to life through a campaign focused on photography and videography. The campaign would be used for their new B2C product launch in SS18. arena wanted a new look and feel for the brand, connected to its recent focus on triathlon. The overall approach still needed to work well alongside their main brand campaign I AM WATER, which will be launched at the same time in SS18.

The Result

Brandwave’s creative team developed an inspirational movie concept to demonstrate the dedication and spirit of triathlon focused athletes to engage people with the arena brand. We selected Lanzarote as our shoot location, due to its association with triathlon training, its well-known IRONMAN course and the stunning, varied scenery and landscapes. Whilst the movie is driven by emotion, it also shows the variety of arena’s product offering for triathlon.

The Film Edits

The concept Brandwave came up with for the movie is focused on using ‘time’ as a creative thread. This is based on a triathlon athlete’s constant infatuation with time. To reduce their times in each of the three sporting disciplines, but also trying to use all of the hours in the day wisely, in order to stick to their strict and challenging training schedules. We incorporated swim clocks and wrist watches over sections of the footage in order to visually convey this concept. The sound of time is also present throughout the movie with the introduction of a metronome to communicate the repetitive nature of a triathlon training schedule.

The outcome was a 90 second movie edit and a 30 second product edit. The main movie highlights the fixation and addiction that triathletes experience, when training for their next race. It’s all about the time, getting faster in each discipline to move forward on their journey to success.

See The Main Edit Below

See The Product Edit Below


For our photoshoot arena needed specific shots for each of the x20 key products. We scamped each product prior to the location shoot, which enabled us to capture the exact, pre-agreed shots to communicate the most relevant technical features. Although the location and light were chosen to fit the arena I AM WATER brand campaign, we also completed detailed editing and colour-grading work on all key images.

“I would like to say, I realised from the start of this project, the whole Brandwave team are passionate athletes themselves and therefore immediately got what this project is about. They completely understood the triathlon topic and developed a credible and excellent concept triathletes can identify with and which is inline with the arena brand values.”

Marlene Schnabel

Global Brand Manager Racing, arena