The Client

Toray are a multinational corporation based in Japan, recognised as one of the world’s leading materials manufacturers.

Known for their innovation and development capabilities, they produce a diverse range of materials and products, including ‘Dermizax’, a fabric with a highly sophisticated and technical membrane that achieves the highest level of waterproofness and breathability.

The fabric is stretchable, adaptable and flexible, making it ideal for sporting activities that take place in extreme environmental conditions, such as mountain climbing, hiking and winter sports.

The Challenge

The team at Toray came to us with an extensive product range for Dermizax. Due to its overwhelming complexity, it had been causing confusion internally, which led to difficulties when trying to articulate their full product range externally.

With key product benefits centred around waterproofness and breathability, our job was to simplify and solidify both the brand hierarchy and subsequent product hierarchy to ensure a user-centric approach moving forwards.

The Result

To begin, we undertook several key workshops aimed at establishing the following information:

  • How do we differentiate between the Dermizax product range and its technological add-ons?
  • How do we differentiate our products moving forwards?
  • How do we future-proof our categories?
  • How do we create a strong product hierarchy to support our future sales proposition?
  • How do we ensure consistency across all sub-brands?

From here, we strategically designed and introduced three category names to sit underneath the main Dermizax brand – Protect, Balanced and Breathe. These category names were created in favour of being directly representative of their end user benefits to ensure consumers immediately understood their key functions.

In addition, we produced a new video to bring our categories to life, as well as a sell in tool to assist with internal communications and external brand and product education.

*All mockups above used for visual purposes only.

“We strive to develop excellent products, but have struggled to convey the quality of our products to our customers. Brandwave have put our thoughts into words and created a wonderful brand. Thank you again for the excellent work.”

YUKI KANEKOGeneral Manager, Textile Trading Department Toray Industries Inc