The Client

The Wave is Bristol’s inland surf destination, where people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can experience the joy of waves and their many physical and mental health benefits.

Compared to ‘a slice of the ocean’, it’s about getting back to nature, improving health and wellbeing, connecting with other people, enjoying wonderful food and drink, and immersing yourself in an incredible day out, whilst having a load of fun in the process!

The Challenge

In order to capitalise on peak seasons at the facility, we started working with The Wave in 2021, when they approached us with some key challenges. From these, we formulated a number of key questions to inform our scope of work together:

  • How do we learn from the wider market?
  • How do we create more usable and prioritised personas?
  • How do we define & substantiate our brand values and transcend & manifest them throughout the business?
  • How do we communicate our wider offering?
  • How do we growth hack & activate our audience?
  • How do we focus on not just a consumer audience, but all stakeholders from politicians, funders and local planning officers to charities and social impact organisations?

The Result

Aimed at answering each of the above ‘how do we’ questions, we ran a number of strategic workshops.

These resulted in the following key outputs:

  • Wider market analysis to take key learnings to inform future marketing at The Wave.
  • Consolidation of our key target audiences and cohesive persona development.
  • A refined purpose statement and five clearly defined overarching brand values.
  • A new mechanic to best inform future brand partnerships.
  • Creation of a marketing plan for the next 12 months, ranked in order of priority.
  • Consolidation of key findings and recommendations.

“We approached Brandwave with a view to deepen our understanding of the outdoor market, further develop our brand values and key audience personas. We knew that Brandwave’s experience working with other brands in the outdoor and action sports space would be invaluable – they crushed it!”

Nick HounsfieldFounder & Chief Visionary Officer