The Client

Dunlop have pushed the boundaries of performance tyre capabilities for over 125 years. From their race-winning rubber to tyres made for popular road going motorcycles, Dunlop strive to maximise the rider’s trust in their products.

Dunlop provide tyres which are dedicated to real riders. Those who never give up and most of all, who enjoy the sheer passion and excitement of riding their bikes.

Their focus is on enhancing experiences and developing compounds which enable tyres to perform to the highest level on both the road and race track.

The Challenge

The Brandwave film crew flew out to Circuit D’Albi, Toulouse to capture the unveiling of Dunlop’s new GP Racer D212 track day and road going tyre. Confident in the tyres ability to perform, Dunlop, Team GMT94 Yamaha and rider Lucas Mahias agreed to use them during the final round of the French Superbike Championship race weekend.

Content that we needed to record, varied from interviews with the riders and technical team, to capturing action shots both in the pits and trackside. Working closely with Dunlop and Team GMT94 Yamaha ensured that track moments, such as the podium and finish line, were successfully captured.

Dunlop GP Racer D212 Full Movie

The Result

To mark the launch of the GP Racer D212 as a successor to an already highly regarded and well respected track day tyre, we devised the concept of “Dare To Defy”. Drawing reference to the improved performance and capabilities of the tyre, the concept was designed as an invitation to the audience to defy their expectations of a high performing track day tyre.

To bring this concept to life, we created one film; with a series of shorter edits for Dunlop, documenting the performance of their GP Racer D212 track day tyre during two qualifying sessions and two live races.

The films were created to be dynamic, fast paced and analytical of the GP Racer D212’s performance. This allowed the viewer to get a real sense of technical accomplishment – witnessing the rawness of the event and capability of the tyres to perform at this intense level.

Two pole positions and two race wins ensured the weekend was a resounding success.