The Client

With rash vest sales on an upward trajectory, but also wanting to buck the trend of fast fashion, Tom Cotter set up ‘RashR’ with the aim of using sustainable production methods that would actively contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution in our seas – all whilst having rash vests at the core of the business.

Roll forward five years and we have OceanЯ. As specialists in the design and supply of sustainable products and services, they strive to inspire and enable others to live more eco-conscious lives.

The Challenge

Recognising the existing brand equity and market awareness of RashR, we were tasked with forming an overarching brand strategy to move forwards with. Using the findings from our brand strategy workshop, we needed to produce a new brand identity and logo that represented the premium, technical and sustainable status of the brand.   

With the challenge outlined, to hit the brief we needed to:

  • Use our learnings from the wider market 
  • Condense a broad range of existing customers into usable and easily understandable personas
  • Define the purpose and overarching values behind the brand
  • Leverage the existing equity of the ‘RashR’ brand  
  • Define marketing priorities to inform a 12-month action plan

The Result

We created OceanЯ as the new overarching brand name, whilst retaining ‘RashR’ as the title of the rash vest range. 

To bring the new OceanЯ brand to life, we created a new brand identity and logo and applied it to a number of deliverables to demonstrate its scalability. Since then, we’ve seen OceanЯ successfully launch their new branding across their website, via social media and through a number of email marketing campaigns. 

We’ve also seen the new brand featured across a number of brand partner assets and apparel, including; Thanda Island, Four Seasons, Necker Island and PADI. 

"We engaged Brandwave to assist us with a rebrand. I had kept an eye on their work, and when the time came to take our own brand to the next level I knew exactly who I wanted to help us. The Brandwave team have so much industry knowledge; their expertise helped us transition from being a primarily B2C watersports brand to incorporating an offering that filled a gap in the B2B world for branded, sustainable and customised apparel for private islands, watersports clubs and luxury hospitality.

They fully understood what we were trying to achieve and the workshops produced information that we continue to reference to this day. I am delighted with the end result and we now have a brand that truly represents the quality of our offering - Brandwave have helped to elevate the OceanЯ brand and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others."

Tom CotterCEO and Founder, OceanЯ