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Multi venue fitness membership provider MoveGB joined forces with the free to attend Sport and Fitness Show last weekend in Brighton. Brandwave Account Director Natasha went to check out the event, and see what it was all about.

“Make fitness part of your lifestyle”

I was looking forward to this event, a place to see people embracing fitness and trying new activities that they can make part of living a healthy lifestyle. So many people acknowledge that this is the solution to being fitter and healthier, but find it difficult to implement. It’s events like these that help people to find fitness activities that are fun and ensure fitness is not a chore, but something they can look forward to in the week.

“Never has there been more choice when it comes to keeping fit”

The opportunities are endless; you can bounce your way to fitness with ((BOUNCE)) and its mini trampoline workouts, build your flexibility and strength with Les Mills BODYBALANCE, kick-box, hula hoop, dance, swim, climb, cycle, scooter… the list goes on!

Founder of MoveGB Alister Rollins talks about the proven concept that variety in an exercise routine is the key to keeping you active. Running on a treadmill every day for 20 years may improve your health, however, very few people stick to this. It’s about choosing activities you really enjoy and mixing them up that keeps you motivated to stay active. 

“Cubatone. Where do I sign up?”

For someone who is always giving new things a go, Cubatone was the highlight of my weekend at the show. The Cuban inspired fitness program created by Alain Hernandez is described as, “a spicy, hot, hip-swivelling workout where African, Caribbean and Latin dance moves are combined with aerobics movements”. 

I’ve always wanted to give Latin dancing a go and this was the perfect solution, giving me a full body workout whilst loving the music and dance-inspired moves. If you love dancing, be it in the kitchen or out on a Saturday night you’ll love Cubatone. Once the music starts, you forget any inhibitions and that this is about getting fit, you just enjoy every hip shake and shimmy! Currently, classes are only available in Bristol so if you’re local to this area, give it a go!

“This t-shirt is made from coffee. I’m sorry, what?”

The show covered all aspects of fitness with sportswear brands exhibiting as well as healthy food stalls. Premium ethical activewear brand Sundried were at the show, exhibiting its sustainable clothing made from 100% recycled materials. Who knew your new gym top could be made from coffee!? Not only is this material fast-drying, sweat-wicking, and de-odorising, it also does not need the high-temperature treatment that other materials require which reduces CO2 emissions leading to a greener planet. Amen to that.

“Protein balls rolled in sunny West Sussex”

Finally, I left the show with a few healthy food snacks for the road including delicious Coconut and Macadamia protein balls from The Protein Ball Co., a British company based in Worthing, West Sussex. It was a heart-warming end to a great day seeing a local company really making their mark in what’s becoming a very saturated market.

The Sports and Fitness show did a great a job this weekend. It was inspiring to see so many families, friends and children getting involved and discovering new ways to keep active.

It’s free events like these that are crucial to giving people the opportunity to understand what ‘active living as a lifestyle’ truly means and how to implement this into their everyday lives.

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Natasha Clarke