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Sport Relief 2018

This year for the 2018 edition of Sport Relief, we’ve set ourselves a big test. Inspired by Sport Relief’s billion step challenge, Brandwave will contribute by attempting to travel the equivalent distance from our HQ in Chichester to our offices in Munich, Germany… and back again!

The Challenge

The distance equates to 1,880 km, which works out at 2,467,190 steps. Our team of 21 will attempt to reach this distance within the 7 days of Sport Relief.

In line with Sport Relief’s “Whatever Moves You” campaign, our team will take part in all sorts of activities to reach the 1,880 km distance; we’ll be running, cycling, swimming, skiing, playing football, tennis, netball, and taking part in group fitness classes. All our steps and distances taking part in these activities will count towards our target.

Per person, this works out to be 87km in 7 days, so roughly 12.5km per day!

Distance in km's
Number of participants
Duration (days)

How Are We Getting On?


We are taking on this challenge in aid of Sport Relief and aim to raise a minimum of £2,000. If you can spare some cash and would like to contribute to encourage us on our challenge, you can donate here:

If you’re a friend of Brandwave or a client visiting the office during the week of Sport Relief week (17-23rd March), for a small donation we’d love you to get involved too. Come along for a lunchtime run or cycle, we’ll need all the encouragement and motivation we can get to achieve the distance.

Where Will The Money Go?

Sport Relief believes everyone deserves the right to live happier, healthier and safer lives. It uses the money raised to tackle critical issues affecting people across the UK and around the world.

Since last year’s Sport Relief, the money raised has managed to treat over 900,000 people across Africa with anti-malarial drugs, supported over 3.4 million people in Africa through maternal, neonatal and child health funding and helped more than 50,000 people, in the UK, living with a mental health problem.

To learn more about where your money will go visit Sport Relief.

Keep Up To Date With Our Journey

We’ll be running a day-by-day commentary over the week to keep everyone up to date on what we’re up to. You can follow our team and their journey throughout the challenge on social. We hope you can join us for some of the steps or send us some encouragement on social.

Natasha Clarke