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With only a few weeks left of 2018 we have been looking back at a selection of some of our favourite sports marketing campaigns from this year.

Nike – Dream Crazy

One of the most controversial campaigns of the year, the Nike Dream Crazy ad definitely gained a lot of attention. The advert inspires individuals to dream big and push for more. Watching it genuinely evokes feelings of power and strength. Touching on a variety of challenges that sports men and women have overcome, this campaign is able to connects with a large audience base. Although it experienced significant amounts of backlash we think this was a very successful campaign that brought together many audience groups through sport.

P&G Thank you Mom

Get your tissues at the ready for this one. In the lead up to this year’s Winter Olympics, P&G released this emotive video, thanking Mums for supporting their children to achieve their dreams and enabling them to see that they can achieve anything. A very powerful, moving campaign recognising inclusion. Although, we shouldn’t forget to thank Dads too!

adidas – Gabriel Jesus World Cup

Another inspirational campaign, this time from adidas commending the journey of Brazilian football player Gabriel Jesus. Gabriel achieved his life long dream of playing football for Brazil. The video sees Gabriel’s community paint a mural of him over 20 houses in his home town, praising Brazils creativity. The video enables young children to believe they are capable; seeing Gabriel as a role model, encouraging them to follow their dreams.

BT Sport – Garden Drop

Going against the traditional style of door drop marketing, BT Sport tried something different this year with this campaign. I am sure I am not the only one to ignore leaflets when they come through the letterbox, and BT understood this. BT hired Cardiff cities Junior Hoilett to kick BT Sport branded footballs into gardens across Cardiff.  A very unique idea to advertise their services whilst igniting the cities love for football.

Specialized – The Uncomfortable Subjects

Specialized have tackle the ‘taboo’ subject of female anatomical pains whilst cycling in this controversial video. In doing so they have opened up an honest conversation in a light-hearted way. We love it and its not often any of us will watch a video thats over 4-minutes long. 

We are looking forward to seeing what 2019 has in store for the world of sports marketing. Where will 2019 take you?

Ophelia Spowers