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That’s definitely snow in my eyes… As the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic games come to a close we look back at the marketing campaigns that had us blubbing.

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games were incredible. Now all of the competition has been decided, Account Executive Julia will be awarding final medals to this year’s marketing campaigns that will have you reminiscing and pretending you’ve got snow in your eyes.


P&G has managed to melt our hearts with their Winter Olympics campaign. This emotive video is a recent instalment in their award-winning “Thank you, Mom” campaign series. Wanting to create a better world by fostering a world free from bias, prejudice and with equal representation is definitely something we’re on board with. In our mind this deserves a gold medal.

Our silver medal goes to Alibaba’s first global marketing campaign at an Olympics “To the greatness of small”. Although the “Kenya Ice Hockey Team Dreams Big” campaign slightly resembles the tale of the Jamaican bobsled team in the movie Cool Runnings, the story about a group of amateur ice hockey players dreaming of participating in the Winter Games was definitely captivating and conveyed the right message. Of course, one could argue that the video’s plot is a cliché.  But we’re talking about a Chinese multinational’s intention to come across not only as the official cloud and e-commerce supplier, but also as a deliverer of dreams. And what is good marketing if not turning an old concept into a golden one? We’ll be interested to see where the team place in the 2022 games.

If you’re German or a big adidas fan you might have also shed a tear of happiness in seeing the German Olympic team’s apparel in PyeongChang 2018. (If you’re not sure why this is important, take a look at Bogner outfits, the German Olympic Sport Confederation’s previous partner, and you’ll understand.) Our bronze medal goes to adidas’ motto “Our Team. The Look” (translated from German “Unser Team. Der Look”), which aimed and achieved to give their highly functional sports apparel a more modern, casual and urban look. It was great to watch the German team and their translucent jackets shining on TV!

It’s been a hell of a games – we’ve loved every second, bring on the Winter Paraolympic Games and Beijing 2022.

German Olympic Outfits 2018 – Photos by David Daub

Julia Mahnke