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10 Reasons why Drupal should power your websites

By 18/05/2015January 11th, 2023No Comments

Drupal ( is a huge Open Source Content Management Framework.

OK…. what is that in English?

Drupal is a piece of software that powers your website and provides your web developers and designers with a set of tools to build and adjust it. It also lets you very easily log in from any web browser and edit your website content (change some words, move a menu, add some pictures).

10 Reasons

So why should you have it? Let’s make the decision easy:

1. Your content is fresh. Let’s be honest, if it’s hard for you to edit the content of your website, one of three things will happen:

  1. It simply won’t get done;
  2. Some poor guy in your office will have stacks of word documents to go through and convert to your content (with never ending rounds of amends) … or …
  3. You will make your web development agency rich as you continually send them small edits that they charge at their day rate.

Drupal is easy to use: log in, go to your page, click edit, make the change, save, you’re done.

2. It’s at the top of its game.

Drupal powers more than 8 million websites worldwide. Some of those include: and

3. Your site is safe.

Drupal is Open Source and that means that there are thousands of developers worldwide who are working at keeping it safe against any security threats. That agency that wants to sell you their proprietary product might tell you otherwise – but it’s only 4 developers working on their security – is that going to be as safe?

4. It’s free.

Drupal is Open Source and the software is completely free. That means that a lot of the hard work in building your site has been done. That’s like buying a car and only paying for the bodywork and paint.

5. It’s flexible.

Don’t think that because your site is powered by a framework, it has to work or look a specific way. There is literally nothing that can’t be done from blogging sites, to e-commerce to custom apps, there is literally nothing you can’t do.

6. It’s a big community.

There are literally thousands of good Drupal developers worldwide so you are never tied in to anyone. Wouldn’t you rather that than your current “maintenance contract” where you can never get hold of anyone and when you do it feels like the cost of that new feature you really want is the combination of a made-up price with a few zeros added at the end.

7. It’s multi-lingual at its core.

We live in Europe where there are 23 official recognised languages. Drupal handles languages (including right-to-left) and translation at its core. There are even services to help you translate your content

You can power multiple sites. If you own a number of websites, you can host them all with the same set of code on the same server so you only have one thing to look after!

9. It’ll make you money.

Drupal Commerce is a hugely powerful and flexible E-Commerce module for Drupal. With it, we can build any type of online store from complex product ranges and product search to customisable products and multi-currency checkout, we have done it all.

10. It’s beautiful.

Drupal gives us all the tools to deliver your content looking great no matter what device. We build responsive sites that adjust to your display to make your desktop site look native on your phone too.

We could go on but if you want to know more, get in touch with us…

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