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Brand Test

Brandwave Brand Test: Orca Killa 180 Goggles

By 09/02/2017July 17th, 2018No Comments

Christian, one of our German Account Managers, reviews the Orca Killa 180 goggles in preparation for the 2017 Roth triathlon in Germany. He tested this product during one of his early morning training sessions.

In the town of Nordbad, Northern Munich, at 7:30am on a crisp winter morning, I started the day with the familiar smell of swimming pool chlorine. Excited to try my new goggles, I pull the straps behind my head, secure the goggles around my eyes, and dive right in.

The Orca Killa 180 have tinted lenses that filtered out the harsh lights of the swimming hall and their anti-fog technology kept them fog free even after an hour of laps. 

Orca has managed unite their stylistic design with flawless practicality. After my session, I packed the goggles away in their sleek looking protective casing and left the pool feeling smug; I am captivated by the Orca Killa 180 goggles.

• Ultra anti-fog – no spit needed

• Tinted lenses – effective under bright indoor lighting

• Silicone seal – minimal leaks

• Protective case

Anna Buechel