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We’ve all heard it mentioned before… ‘e-biking is cheating’, ‘alcohol free isn’t the real deal’, or better yet, ‘vegan food tastes like cardboard’. Of course, we know this isn’t true, so Creative Director, Alastair takes a look how the sport and outdoor world is arguably at the forefront of embracing this shifting landscape.

When exploring the historical landscape of dietary preferences, one cannot overlook the transformation from the rigid dichotomy of vegan versus meat-eating to a more nuanced and inclusive approach. Traditional boundaries have blurred, and individuals are now embracing the combining of plant-based and animal-derived proteins, recognising the nutritional benefits that both offer.

And if you think a high-performance diet needs to be complicated, then think again. Take Eliud Kipchoge for example, the first human to break the two-hour marathon barrier. For him, it’s all about one thing… balance. In fact, as one nutritionist states:

“Our understanding of dietary needs has evolved, and it’s no longer about choosing sides but rather integrating the best of both worlds to optimise health.”

In the realm of cycling, the previous conflict between traditional cyclists and e-bike riders has given way to a more holistic perspective on fitness. Cyclists, once divided by their chosen mode of transportation, are now finding common ground. The advent of e-bikes has broadened the accessibility of cycling, making it more inclusive and appealing to a wider audience. It’s not about the type of bike you ride, but the shared joy of being on two wheels and promoting a healthy lifestyle. This fact has led to the creation and/or acquisition of bike motor divisions by the likes of Porsche and BMW Mini. In addition, the likes of AutoTrader and KwikFit are investing big in e-bikes and obviously see ongoing opportunities.

Image from our multi-location photo and video shoot for the SHIMANO Explore New Grounds Global Creative Campaign.

Image from BrewDog, where we collaborated with Strava to develop the ‘Ride Out Hub’, a dedicated platform on the BrewDog website.

What propels this shift in preferences is not an abandonment of the old, but a keen appreciation for the benefits derived from a combination of choices. In the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, it’s crucial to recognise that a rigid ‘either-or’ mentality limits our potential. I can be a cyclist who appreciates the efficiency of an e-bike, a meat-eating fitness enthusiast who enjoys the occasional plant-based protein, or someone who simply understands the role of hydration in optimal performance.

Image from our work on PowerBar’s European Product Launch Campaign.

In conclusion, the evolution of these preferences signifies a departure from binary choices towards a more comprehensive and inclusive approach. The sports and fitness community is at the forefront of embracing this paradigm shift, acknowledging that true wellness lies in the harmony of diverse elements rather than rigid adherence to singular paths. Here’s to the continual evolution of choices, health, and a thriving, balanced lifestyle!

Alastair Lecomte