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Brandwave is a specialist, full-service sports marketing agency. Delivering on a global scale with some of the most successful brands in the industry, our work is driven by our genuine passion for sport and the outdoors. Inspired by our shared interests, we work closely with our clients to create effective and unforgettable campaigns, which can be seen all over the world.

BrewDog Ride Out

PADI ‘Unfiltered’ Global Campaign

SHIMANO Explore New Grounds Global Creative Campaign

De’Longhi x parkrun – Partnership Campaign

We understand your target market, because we are your target market.

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Accelerated Change – 5 Trends That Are Here To Stay

James Kerr reveals the five trends that are likely to hang around.
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Blue Earth Summit Recap

Ollie looks back on what was an amazing Blue Earth Summit.
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The New Face of Sports PR in the Era of Vanity Metrics

Dan gives his take on vanity metrics.
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