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The Brandwave ISPO 2014 round up – What we saw, what we missed, what we loved and what we want to see more of next year

By 31/01/2014March 14th, 2018No Comments

Oh dear, ISPOs over; no more Weissbeer until October… Freshly returned from ISPO in Munich, Brandwave’s Commercial Director, Vicky Stickland gives us a quick overview of what she saw, what she missed, what she loved and what she wants to see more of in 2015.

What we saw…

Avalanche packs! Loads of them.
Avalanche packs were a big story of the show back in 2012, when we worked on the campaign for The North Face’s Patrol 24 ABS pack. So we were surprised to see so many brands still pushing this technology as their hero story for the season. Although, with the general topic of safety high on everyone’s agenda and the number of avalanches, and sadly fatalities, recorded last season…we’re very glad that these packs are still getting the push they deserve.
These packs have been proven to save lives and it’s this marketing push which will ensure that they’re seen by the consumer as an essential piece of kit on the slopes. We therefore have these brands pushing them to thank for this.


What we missed…

Come back next year please Vans. We missed you, your Jagermeister party and of course taking a look at all of your wonderful new products. Patagonia did a pretty good job at replacing you…but ISPO just wasn’t quite the same without you.

What we loved…

The urban lifestyle trend
Over the last few years, the industry has really caught onto the fact that to evolve, it must look to other influences (rather than just sport) e.g the music, fashion and art industries, to create a product range which has more of a connection with youth culture. In my humble opinion, this year, some brands really got this mix right…creating ranges that would sit happily alongside some of the major players in Vogue, whilst still relating and working in their core industry magazines.
I particularly enjoyed Volcom’s new range, and their use of different combinations of fabrics and prints …I thought these packs were pretty stand out. Alongside these sits the staple Fjall Raven pack, an essential of the season for any visit to Shoreditch High Street and most definitely on the shopping list.


Genuine eco credentials
For the seven years that Brandwave has been operating, brands have been telling us about their eco credentials. However this year, we really felt that it was a genuine passion of theirs, rather than just another marketing gimmick. With many of the most high profile brands not just talking about a single eco product, but a whole company philosophy shift.
Jack Wolfskin epitomised this shift, with their clear, honest, and substantiated communications about their Fluorinated Carbons exit strategy by 2020, and the strong emphasis that the company has placed on this strategy. Something which we hope will influence many other brands to do the same in the future.



The new salad bar
A salad, for lunch, in Munich? Really?
Now I love a good currywurst and portion of potato as much the rest of you. But the day after the rather epic O’Neill party, it was a pleasant surprise to be able to gorge on a gourmet salad and gain some much needed vitamins. ISPO salad bar – I salute you!

Want we want to see more of next year…

You pay good money for them, you never know what to do with them, so why not, bring them to ISPO? We love to meet your brand ambassadors, be told about how they have been involved in your latest innovations and generally just hear from our idols.
If they’re too busy competing in the mountains to come in person, at least bring them on a video!

Stand creativity
So many of the stands we saw this year have been the same for the last four years or so. We know that stands are really expensive, but creative, imaginative ideas to engage your customer don’t have to cost the world. This year I loved Smartwool’s sock vending machine – helping to save the planet, engage with a new audience and seed product with a very simple yet clever idea. Peak Performance also caught my attention by taking a relatively simple stand, and hanging a cable car from the ceiling. It’s these clever, creative ideas which really capture our attention and help your brand to stand out at such a crowded show, so I definitely want to see more of them next year.



There’s nothing better than a well thought-through, but funny campaign to capture the consumers’ attention. Fair play to Columbia for this one, it certainly made me chuckle.


It’s been done before, but I also loved the human-mannequins on the Shock Doctor stand. A little bit of light-relief at the show goes a long way, creating a warm and welcoming impression of your brand and ensuring you are remembered, for all the right reasons!


So sadly, ISPO is over for another year. Although this means that now we’ll soon be starting to work on all the new campaigns for next year. If you need any help with developing those creative stands, athlete videos or humorous campaigns…you know where we are

Vicky Stickland