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Strategic thinking

“Personal passion should never be replaced by monetary goals”

By 08/09/2014January 11th, 2023No Comments

Brandwave’s Creative Director, Sam, looks back at his 3 days in Brighton at the conference.

Let me start off by saying thanks to James White (@signalnoise) for this pearl of wisdom, it also sums up my time during the conference. With 34 speakers over 3 days, it was an intense mental challenge to take it all in, not exactly helped by a subsidised bar or so many design idols walking around to go and say hi to.

IMG_3922 stage, warming up to introduce the speakers. The contraption on the left was the piece made by From Form for the introduction video which was magical. This can be seen here:

I’m not always too sure what I think I am going to take away from these kind of events, but, in this case it was simple, “Never forget the reason you got into this in the first place. We all have our own path.” – James White. With such a huge variety of people attending the conference working in different disciplines of the creative industry we are all doing what we do because its who we are and its what we love doing, and lets face it, we are awesome and we wouldn’t change it for anything.

The 3 days consisted of some pretty incredible talks by some pretty incredible people. The notebook was open all the time and I have some pure gold stashed away to make me sound very inspirational back in the office, but admittedly, some talks you don’t write anything down at all. I found this was either because I was so involved in the talk that I couldn’t lose focus for a split second or because I didn’t necessarily feel like I related to the subject of the talk. This however is not a bad thing though, it just opens up my mind and gives me an insight into other designer’s worlds, and that is priceless in itself.

Brendan Dawes on turning information into visual design, and how almost everything starts out ugly.


I left Brighton with a new love for my career choice, not that I disliked it anyway before but it really does make you feel like you are making a difference in everything that you do, no matter how small.


Gavin Strange the senior designer of Aardman animations smashing it and ending with an amazing talk on believing in yourself.

I will be attending next year without fail, and if you were there this year, then drop me an email or a tweet and let me know who your favourite speakers were.

You can find all the details here: