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What is the new fitness industry reality?

Brandwave Founder, Daniel Macaulay recently had the honour of hosting the Fitness & Active Brands webinar on exactly this subject. He was joined by a truly global panel of industry experts from Les Mills, Solidcore, FORTË., and TechnoGym. Watch the webinar in full here…

About the webinar

Digital strategies that were once on the back bench for many fitness businesses have been accelerated and thrust into action by COVID. This has inevitably driven a surge in demand for at-home equipment and fit-tech solutions, as well as the need to provide engaging, professionally streamed fitness content.

As a result; those set-up to provide on-demand or at-home fit-tech solutions have seen sales more than double in some cases. Some gyms have quickly pivoted into digital and some are still determining how they can professionalize (and monetize) their digital offering.

With gyms in a cycle of closing and reopening around the world, there are further anticipated shifts in the composition of the market and only time will tell how customers will respond and change how they spend on their fitness.

So what does the fitness at-home opportunity mean for different players in the eco-system, and how will it shake up innovation in the offerings from traditional gyms, boutiques, fit-tech companies?

Hear from executives from Les Mills, Solidcore, FORTË., and TechnoGym who will unpack the innovations and opportunities for operators leading a digital pivot for their business.

They provide a critical review of the models they are seeing emerge in response to COVID-19, in particular the upsurge of a subscription model, and blended ‘at-home’ and ‘in class’ approach, whilst also outlining best practice for delivering a quality at-home fitness experience.

View the webinar in full below.

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Daniel Macaulay