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The German Federation of Fitness and Health (DIFG) recently invited Brandwave along for their third Economic Day of the German fitness industry. The focus was on developing perspectives and growing the industry market.

The DIFG is committed to the development of networks, transfer of knowledge and quality-oriented growth within the fitness industry. As a member of the organisation, Brandwave sits alongside the leading manufacturers of equipment, studios, service providers and also technology and software providers in the German fitness industry.

MD of Brandwave Germany, Vicky Stickland gave a keynote on “Collaboration as a key principle of the outdoor industry, what can the fitness industry learn from this?”. Here’s what Vicky had to say about the event and her presentation:

“My keynote at the DIFG Economic Day was aimed at inspiring the audience of industry business leaders, to think differently and challenge their own perception of the industry as it currently stands. I provided examples that showed that the line between the outdoor and fitness industries is already blurring, and urged those present to consider collaborating, both within the fitness industry itself, and outside of the industry, with relevant brands, to ensure the future growth of both industries. We have seen a cultural shift of consumers with an affinity for “multi-sports” as opposed to just “fitness” or “cycling” – the time for an industry shake-up is now. We encourage the brands that we work with to stand-out and be at the forefront of this movement.”

Watch a short section of Vicky’s Keynote here:

“My talk was book-ended perfectly by Ralph Schulz of McFit group who presented the new McFit vision for the future of health, “The Mirai”, a place which seamlessly combines indoor and outdoor training and digital innovation with outdoor experiences – to inspire a new era of consumer and a new way in which to experience fitness. I very much look forward to watching how this vision unfolds over the next few years, and I will continue to work with the DIFG to remain a part of this conversation, with the aim of moving the fitness industry into the future.”

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Vicky Stickland