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Brandwave Team

Gold star for us – Top of the class in the UK creative industry

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It’s about time we gave a big shout out to the supremely talented UK creative industry. We’re just as proud to announce we’re part of it, being recognised as one of the standout agencies in the UK for our work in the sports sector! Brandwave MD, Daniel Macaulay, sheds a little more light on our partnership with the UKTI and what it means to us being top of the creative class in good old blighty…



Traditionally, the UK creative scene has been linked with product design, fashion houses and very high-end architecture across the globe. Our sector of the creative industry however, in regards to design and branding, has until lately really appealed to overseas markets with the exception of those clients with an international presence. However due to the growth & maturity of emerging markets, the established creative talent pool within the UK has increasingly been recognised as second to none.

In relation to the sports industry, this has been further fuelled by the rising recognition of sport being synonymous linked with creativity. Take the Olympics for example, from the branding of the games, to sponsorship activations, all the way through to the elaborately designed sports stadiums that hosted the events and memorable icons such as the copper petals of the Olympic flame. All were a resultant factor of the supremely talented UK creative industry!

Over the last 12 months and due to this rise in recognition of the UK creative industry, we have worked alongside the highly respected team at UK Trade & Investment. Better known as the UKTI, this government ran department plays a significant role in helping UK creative companies enter these growth markets and to be recognised further.

Dealing with thousands of companies every year across the globe, you can imagine how over the moon we were to hear that the UKTI had recognised our creative work and that we had been chosen as one of the top agencies to represent the UK creative industry! Duncan Hill, UKTI Business Specialist went on to say…

“UK Trade & Investment recognises Brandwave as a standout creative agency working in the sports sector. Their existing work and relationships with multi-national clients meant they were a natural choice to represent the UK’s creative industry across the globe together with other like-minded companies, to international decision makers and buyers where we are offering (DEL buyers) end to end solutions to meet their procurement needs.”

It has been an amazing opportunity working with the UKTI and the phenomenal service they offer to UK businesses. Think its safe to say that we shall continue to look forward to working with them and building our relationships with all the exciting and emerging overseas sports markets!

Daniel Macaulay